Departing Tomorrow on Saturday, August 31st 2014 on the Non Stop United Airlines flight from Newark to Hong Kong.  What is currently one of the longest non stop flights in the world; United operates a boeing 777 making the 8,893 mile journey in just less than 16 hours non stop.  I have taken this flight many times; although the polar route is always taken there are approximately 5-6 different routes depending on weather and wind velocity.   If all conditions are correct; the flight will depart tomorrow at 3:10PM and arrive in Hong Kong on Sunday evening at 7:10PM.


Hong Kong happens to be my favourite city in the world.  I cannot think of a more exciting and energetic city that is also completely surrounded by natural beauty which is so spectacular in landscape.  Hong Kong, also known as H.K. is an SAR (Strategic Administrative Region) of the People’s Republic of China.  One of the most densely populated regions of the world; Hong Kong has approximately 7 million inhabitants.  The majestic mountainous land is surrounded by the Pearl River and the South China Sea.

Hotel Exterior



While in Hong Kong I will stay at the spectacular Hotel Conrad Hong Kong.  Right in the middle of the City; the Conrad Hotel offers luxurious accommodations with exquisite panoramic views of the city skyline and mountainous terrain.   I am greatly looking forward to returning to my favourite city in the world!!










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