Checking In Today: Hilton Los Cabos Resort


Today I will depart on United Airlines #1475 from Newark to Los Cabos, Mexico.  The non stop UA flight takes approximately 5 hours.  I am on my way to attend our Les Clefs d’Or 18th Pan American Congress.  I will spend the first few days at the very lovely Hilton Los Cabos Resort.  A sprawling Four Diamond award winning Resort with a lovely infinity pool and boasting the only swimmable beach in the immediate area.


The beautiful resort area of Los Cabos is at the very southern tip of Baja California Sur. The area was once a well known fishing village and port which then became a very popular and beautiful Resort area with beautiful hotels, restaurants and a wide array of outdoor sports activities.


El Arco or The Arch is at the very tip which is then adjacent to what is known as “Lands End.”  The Arch can be reached by boat followed by Lands End where the land literally ends and then there is nothing but the seas projecting south.



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