A lovely retreat and winter getaway awaits tomorrow as I fly south to the Caribbean on UA#1414 non stop from Newark to Antigua.  Antigua will be a quick stopover on the way to my final destination: BARBUDA.   A small relatively quiet Island approximately 27 miles due north of Antigua.  Barbuda is known for its pristine unspoiled beaches, freshly caught rock lobster, rum punch, pure tranquility among its 1,600 inhabitants.  Barbuda is also world famous for its important Frigate Bird Sanctuary!!   To get to Barbuda one has to fly to Antigua first; about 4-4 1/2 hours from NYC, then either a two hour boat trip on the Barbuda Express or a small 6-7 passenger plane on ABM about a 20-30 minute flight. From Barbuda I will also continue on to an even more remote part of the island called North Beach cottages reached only by boat from Codrington Dock in their own water launch about 20-30 minutes.



North Beach Cottages lies in an isolated part of Barbuda in the Northern tip of the Island with truly unspoiled pristine and expansive beaches.  Wild donkeys roam the whole area and outnumber the inhabitants.  North Beach is relaxed and friendly with 5-6 cottages decorated in true Caribbean style.



Quick stopover tomorrow night at the pretty little Tradewinds Hotel in Antigua overlooking Dickenson’s Bay.

Cannot wait to be there.  Stay tuned for more posts and photographs of this quick Caribbean getaway to Antigua and Barbuda!!


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  1. baione says:

    Safe trip Michael I always enjoy reading your blog have a great time and relax and enjoy.

  2. Very nice blog, I’ll be sure to read often. Safe travels and enjoy. Rich Gladstone/

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