Another quick getaway from NYC: Palm Beach, Florida sits on its own island with a lovely stretch of white sand palm-fringed beaches.  A frequent flight schedule and a flying time of approximately 2 1/2 hours allows for a quick weekend getaway at anytime.   The historic Breakers Hotel has been the social hub and destination unto itself in the center of Palm Beach.  First known as The Palm Beach Inn, it was opened on January 16, 1896 by industrialist Henry Flagler to accommodate travelers on his Florida East Coast railway.  It occupied the beachfront area of the former Royal Ponciana Hotel and guests were shuttled between both properties in white wicker carriages by hotel staff.  Apparently guests often requested a room with a view of the “Breakers” of the Lagoon therefore the name change The Breakers Hotel & Resort.   Today the luxurious Italian-Renaissance design still remains the social hub of activity in Palm Beach with extensive landscaped grounds and facilities The Breakers is one of our most historic and premier Resorts in the USA.    I am looking forward to returning to Palm Beach, a place where I once lived and worked and also to experience the magnificent Breakers Resort.

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