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The lovely little village of Tesserete in the Swiss Canton of Ticino is approximately 14 kms from beautiful Lugano.  Tesserete can be reached by car in just about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.  There is also a frequent local bus service which makes a few stops along the way in other small villages.  If you are taking the train to Lugano the bus also stops conveniently at the Lugano Train Station therefore an easy connection to Tesserete in about 20 minutes.   I have been visiting this little village since a very young age since part of my father’s family immigrated here from Italy sometime after World War II.  The above photo features the old center of Tesserete with the classic baroque style church Santo Stefano and the well kept local cemetery which is quite traditional in this region.  Tesserete is actually part of a collection of villages known as Capriasca.   The area is ideal for walking through forests, mountains, hiking and exploring the various valleys which also produce locally grown farm fresh products including delicious honey.  Tesserete is surrounded by beautiful mountainous scenery as shown above the famous mountain range in local dialect called “i denti vecchio” or old man’s teeth due to its jagged edge peaks and rock formations.

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The village homes are well kept and in true Swiss fashion; neat, clean and orderly with lovely outdoor gardens and almost everyone has a balcony with geraniums



In the center of Tesserete there is also a village Hotel called Albergo Tesserete which is quite charming, comfortable and very affordable.   Luca and Oliver Besomi from the original family who have owned the hotel for years are very accommodating and friendly.

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There are a few local restaurants in Tesserete which I have frequented for years; my favorite is Ristorante Storni owned by the Storni family.  The restaurant resembles a very  traditional house with local furnishings and features local dishes such as tagliatelle ai funghi porcini, vitello paillard, risotto, a most wonderful homemade tiramisu and great local wines.

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Whenever I visit; one of the first things I am asked to do is to pay respects to my dearly departed relatives therefore a visit to the family gravesite in the local Santo Stefano cemetery.    A visit to this particular cemetery is not only paying respects to our beloved family our dearly departed but also a tour of some of the very elaborate art work and floral/garden arrangements that the locals maintain; some even have bonsai trees and hand carved metal sculpture.


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