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During my recent visit to the spectacular and hidden little gem of a hotel The Casa Grande Mountain Retreat; I signed up for a 3-4 hour hike with Jose.  There are several hiking trails in and around the entire area even a short hike is offered right on the actual property of Casa Grande.   Jose as shown in the above photo is a local expert, guide, driver, fisherman, bartender/waiter and general handyman at Casa Grande.   Jose is also an expert in the local flora and is actually showing me in the photo above a locally grown flower pod which is used for painting and colouring often by the local children.

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After two or three miles of footpaths through lush tropical forests and vegetations one cross the road on a small bridge to the other side of the river.   The trail then actually turns into a very rocky stream which cascades up or down depending on the direction of your hike leading to or ending at a 30Foot Secret Waterfall and large rock pool.

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Most of the hike is through this rocky stream so if you decide to go and take this hike please be prepared to wear good flexible hiking shoes with a firm grip for climbing and stepping on very slippery moss covered rocks and boulders.   Also the hike involves climbing through waist deep water in order to approach the last segment before the Secret Waterfall!!   Please be prepared if you go!!

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At the end of the train and some climbing on rocks and boulders one reaches this “Secret” little waterfall which is actually 30Feet High!!  The area is lush and quiet and jungle-like and is well worth the efforts of reaching the end of this trail.   Please bring your bathing suit if you wish to take an invigorating dip in this lovely rock pool.   Whether you decide to bathe in the water or not; you will enter the cool water regardless which is necessary to reach the end of the trail at the Waterfall.   Jose your trusted Guide will assist you and offer his expertise of the trail and the local habitat.

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On the way back through the trail; Jose spotted a very large but perfect stalk of bananas.   He immediately took a sharp edge rock as a cutting tool and climbed up the hill and cut the branch to remove the stalk of bananas.    Jose explained that he would give about half away to his local neighbours, family and friends.   He added that that is what they do there in this mountain village; there is a tremendous sense of community.   If one goes fishing then one keeps some but thinks of the rest of the community to share.   Before the end of the hike Jose even found some very ripe coconuts and opened for me to drink the fresh coconut milk which is so incredibly health and nutritious after a day of hiking!!!


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  1. Robert says:

    well, THIS was an experience which I’ve never had at Casa Grande….I suppose I’ll have to ask Jose to take me to the secret waterfall someday! Thanks so much Michael! Love your description and I wish a had some coconut water right now!

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