There are only two options to fly non stop from New York to Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific and/or United Airlines from Newark.  I chose United because I have been in their frequent flier program for many years from starting with the Continental One Pass and now since renamed and re-organized the United Mileage Plus program.  I actually took this same flight last year when it was still Continental.   Knowing I as taking this long flight months in advance; I decided to took well in advance to take advantage of not only a low round trip fare but availability to utilize mileage to upgrade to their Business First. Since the takeover of United; several of the plans have been reconfigured and upgraded on international and long haul flights as is the case of course on UA#117 non stop service from Newark to Hong Kong.  Its probably their longest non stop flight; and they utilize the very spacious and comfortable 777 200; soon to come out with the 777 300 with even more added space.  The seats are quite comfortable and compact and even have a semi-private feeling.  The entertainment system has a wider more television type screen however is very similar to the former Continental Airlines.   The movies and music selection is excellent but does not allow one to view the flight map simultaneously as the former one did.   The dinner meal service is quite elaborate and offers several courses with plenty of selection and a good wine list.   Since this is an extra long flight; there is even a mid flight course offered and then the usual breakfast service offered prior to landing even though this particular flights lands in the evening.  Asian cuisine is also offered in each service together with multi-lingual staff and announcements.   If you have ample miles I highly suggest the upgrade especially on this long haul flight.  The duration of the flight can be anywhere from 14 1/2 hours to 16 hours depending on the winds and the routing selected.

The flight map above shows the route which is mainly a polar route and the preferred route to take which saves times.   There were Tornado warnings and isolated storms in the areas which delayed our take off and then we had to divert a bit after take off but once enroute via the Polar Cap we actually made it from Take Off to Landing in less than 15 hours.

A most circuitous flight pattern before landing and touch down in spectacular Hong Kong.  Day or night the landing is majestic and actually gives one a tour of the majestic beauty of this urban metropolis surrounded by water and mountainous peaks.   The flight pattern passes right by Macau which was actually my final destination via the speedy Macau Ferry right from the Airport.   Always so happy to be in my favorite city in the world exciting and spectacular Hong Kong!!!





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