Mas in old French means country house or farm and is still often used in the South of France especially in Provence.   The handcrafted doorway and interior of Mas Farmhouse NYC exudes country charm with urban sophistication.   The walls and some of the furnishings have actually been hand crafted and taken from original remnants of former barns, farms and country estates.   The menu and very talented chef equally blends that of sustainable farm fresh ingredients with attention to detail and care of the preparation and presentation to accommodate any sophisticated urban palette.

As one opens the wooden doorway of Mas Farmhouse one feels the immediate warm welcome not only from the staff but the warm cozy interior comprised of various nooks and crannies with even a large open glass winery and community table.  It is well worth the trip downtown to the heart of the West Village tucked away just off charming Bedford Street at 39 Downing Street between Bedford and Varick!!

Our very first amuse starter was a little pocket square of crafted heirloom tomatoes and herbs with a light vinaigrette dressing.  My dinner partner and dear friend and colleague Freddy Bigler, Chef Concierge of the Peninsula Hotel New York joined me this evening to experience and sample a Chef’s Tasting created just for us at the invitation of very gracious owner Mr. Eric Blinderman.   The intimate and soft candlelit room compliments the almost zen-like china patterns which in turn compliment the Chef’s creation.

A second surprise and so appropriate for a warm July evening: Cantaloupe and Verbena broth soup with ginger and herbs.   Just absolutely delicious and so brilliant from the Chef.

Another Summer surprise and treat: Lightly sauteed soft shell crab on a bed of sweet farm fresh corn and fava beans.    When I was growing up on the shoreline of Connecticut it was always a treat to have soft-shell crabs on our last day of school.   Of course the New England preparation is simply batter dipped and fried; this version I must say compliments and brings the natural sweetness of vegetable and crustacean together.

An expertly prepared main course: Roasted Wild Striped Bass with Eggplant Caviar placed gently on soft Summer Squash with Oregano, Eggplant Puree and Blistered tiny tomatoes!

The first dessert course consisted of a ball of infused strawberry with whipped creme fraiche all house-made with a light summery lemon broth!!    Just delicious!!

The main and principal dessert:  Chilled Rhubarb Soup with a White Chocolate Cremeux, Poached Rhubarb, Lavender Meringue and Candied Kumquats.   Of course I ate around the White Chocolate Cremeux but I did taste it and it was delicious and brilliant.

Very talented hands in the kitchen of Mas Farmhouse placing the finishing touches on several dishes to served to their guests.   We were so fortunate last night to be given a tour of the entire facility by owner Eric Blinderman who also owns Mas La Grillade just a few blocks away at 28 7th Avenue South; another brilliant sophisticated dinning establishment.   Incidentally Mas Farmhouse and Mas La Grillade are both mastered by the rising-star Chef Mr. Galen Zamarra.  Chef Zamarra was born in Switzerland and raised in California.  He attended the CIA and began working at Bouley and other fine dining establishments.  He was awarded the Rising Star Chef  award from the James Beard Foundation and is featured in StarChefs.Com.

I highly urge you to visit both restaurants and experience the incredible talents of Chef Zamarra together with the cozy intimacy of the interior all tucked away in the very charming West Village.   Mas Farmhouse is open daily for dinner from 6-11:30PM.  La Grillade is open for dinner daily 6PM-11:30PM and lunch daily from 11:30AM-2:30PM

Thank you very much Eric Blinderman for your very warm hospitality and opportunity to experience Mas Farmhouse.   Thank you to Freddy Bigler, Chef Concierge, Hotel Peninsula New York for joining me last night!!


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