The tiny island of Anguilla known as the island of happy people is also abundantly happy with fresh produce, farm raised meats and of course freshly caught fish and seafood.   Every other turn on the winding roads one finds a very friendly produce stand with farm fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.   In particular Anguilla is known for their varieties of red leaf lettuce, tiny new potatoes, pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, among other produce.  The Island is also known for its freshly caught crayfish wish is very much like a small Lobster however quite tender and soft.  You will find the Island flavor and spices very similar to most of the British West Indies.  Here its also prepared with love and a smile which definitely comes through in taste and service in the restaurants.   Probably one of the best I have experienced in all of the Caribbean.

I had dinner the other night at Blanchard’s which is excellent not only quality but very attentive friendly staff and management.   Today’s lunch at their simple but comfortable beach shack was equal.   Sitting under umbrella tables in the sand with Caribbean azure water in front:  A simple but quite delicious Jerk Chicken Sandwich with fresh slaw and homemade lemonade!!

Dinner at Tasty’s a local favorite:  Picture an old pastel colored house on the main road with open shutters and a front porch then as one enters its a welcome to a family home.   Dale Carty is Chef and Owner and has been known for his expertise in local Anguillan cuisine.   The server automatically delivered this little starter of diced mahi-mahi in a light picante sauce with a fresh Johnny Cake!!

Fresh locally grown pumpkins blended in broth not cream to create a light but tasteful Pumpkin Soup!!

Whole grilled freshly caught snapper with a light picante/creole sauce drizzled on top.   The meat of the fish was soft and delicate and absorbed all the flavors of the creole drizzle.   The Fish was garnished with a variety of expertly cooked root vegetables.   Dale mentioned before I left the restaurant that the Snapper was just caught that very afternoon.

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