Traveling to Anguilla via St. Maartens Airport

There are several ways to travel to and from Anguila: Of course one can fly on a small plane from St. Maartens or even from San Juan on Cape Air which takes approximately one hour.   But the very best experience in my opinion is to fly on one of the non stops to SXM Simpson Bay International Airport in St. Maartens and then take a boat to the charming little island of friendliness: Anguilla.   Please note that if you are traveling from NYC even to busy popular St. Maartens, most of the US carriers have either suspended of reduced their non stops during the Summer months.  Jet Blue however still flies daily from JFK departing at 7AM therefore arriving early at 11AM or earlier.    I recently took Jet Blue for the very first time and I highly recommend purchasing the EVEN MORE SPACE tickets which is approximately $59.  Not only will receive more legroom and space but it allows you to board early and also avoids the very long line to check in for security.   Yesterday morning at JFK the security check line was almost out the door.  The EVEN MORE SPACE upgrade is well worth the additional cost.   Before you land in St. Maartens the airline will distribute a landing card to complete.  You will then go through immigration and customs in St. Maartens and collect your bags if you have checked bags.   When you exit to the main hall entrance turn to the right and you will see the Island VIP Rep Desk.   If you are fortunate enough to stay at one of the luxury hotels in Anguilla such as the very beautiful Viceroy Anguilla; they have their own Viceroy Rep standing by to meet and greet you and assist you with all details.   Its really very easy and quite simple:  The Viceroy can arrange for a private boat just for you or a shared shuttle boat. I highly recommend one of the two.  The shared boat has a definite timetable that matches most arrivals and departures of flights.   The Viceroy Representative will escort you to a Van parked outside of St. Maarten’s Airport; you will then drive practically across the street to a private dock/marina.  While there you may utilize their restrooms and soft drink/snack services.   A Viceroy Rep will assist you in completing Anguilla customs and immigration cards.

The lovely dock/marina has waiting area with snacks and soft drinks and local beer; not to mention that great view of Simpson Bay Harbor!!

The Viceroy Anguilla can arrange for a private boat service which takes only 20 minutes or a shared shuttle (larger boat) which takes 30-40 minutes.   You can also take the public Ferry from Marigot.  This is less expensive however it would require you to taxi to the French Side of St. Maartens to Marigot which can take 30minutes or longer and then wait for the continuous public ferry to Anguilla which takes about 45 minutes for the crossing.     The Viceroy Anguilla boats are much more private with friendly accommodating staff and service and yes the water is choppy so just hang on but you will be there in no time!!!

The little dock marina of Anguilla is quite charming.  You will exit the boat and enter the tiny little customs/immigration house with friendly staff and attendants.   After exiting a Viceroy Anguilla Rep will be there to greet you and escort you to the local taxi service which will take about 10-15 minutes to Resort.   Expect to pay the taxi driver directly, approximately $22-25USD.    US currency is accepted widely in Anguila; the island of charm and friendly happy people!!!


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