For years and years guests and customers were always asking: Is there a great pizza nearby? Unfortunately the answer was always somewhat divided: Yes we do have great pizza in NYC but not really nearby.   Until now!!   PizzArte located at 69 West 55th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues!!   Having been raised in a very Italian home with a Neopolitan mother who happened to be a great cook and famous for her Pizza: I can truly attest and verify that this is the real thing and very close to my Mother’s taste!!   Accolades to the Chef Pasquale Cozzolino from Napoli and the General Manager Alessandro formerly of Keste!!    The menu has 10 variations of classic Pizza together with two Calzone; baked or fried.     The rest of the menu is simple, classic, quality, traditional Italian!!  All done correctly and prepared with love.

The two story interior is comfortable modern with colorful art work and sculpture by well known Italian artists.   The downstairs shown above has a great bar for eating solo or just having a great wine or drink or espresso plus there are just a few tables up front in a little window nook area!!  Take a look at that ultra-modern and very colorful pizza oven!!

The upstairs is also comfortable modern with rows of tables and then larger tables facing the front window area.   The walls are lined with great modern and colorful works by the well known Italian artist and sculptor Paola Romano!!

The perfectly cooked pasta: cavatelli with a puree of broccoli di rape was served with just a hint of grated parmigiano and mini cheery tomatoes.   A wonderful glass of Barbera together with a great view of the modern art by Paola Romano!!   The menu has several classic pasta dishes including: maccheroni pomodoro con basilico, spaghetti alle vongole, paccheri con pesce, etc.   Its all simple, casual, clean and modern but quality and correct!!

A perfect ending of a simple Italian classic menu: Arugula with shaved parmigiano and cherry tomatoes.   The olive oil dressing had a hint of lemon and a touch of salt, clear and crisp flavors and again completely correct and a great way to conclude a sampling of their menu classics.    In addition to their famous pizza and pasta offerings: PizzArte also offers a daily meat and fish course, several antipasti or stuzzicheri, various sfizi and an assortment of Frittura which is typical of Neopolitan cuisine (battered dipped and fried vegetables).

This is a great recommendations for those of us in midtown manhattan: PizzArte is open daily from 11AM-11PM.  Located at 69 West 55th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. Moderately priced and casually modern.  Telephone: 212-247-3936   Just delicious!!!


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  1. Ada says:

    I happen to be in NYC last year and stopped at the Hilton to see Caroline.
    I said to her lets grab some pizza and she said there is a new place and the Pizza is great. So we went to and yes it was great. I can eat pizza every day I love pizza.

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