Bubby’s is one of my favorite places in NYC for breakfast anytime of the day; its one of those casual comfort type of places; homespun in the country, think of rolling hills in Vermont and pastoral farmlands.   I share this also with the late JFK Jr. who was often seen there for coffee and homemade pie.  Bubby’s is located on the corner of Hudson and N. Moore Street in the heart of Tribeca.  They do not take reservations and sometimes on weekends one can expect a long line at the door.  Their homemade “Americana” cuisine and especially their pies are absolutely delicious not to mention top quality utilizing area farms and vineyards.

Very unique this year!!! Bubby’s will be open for Thanksgiving and will be accepting Reservations!!!  Not only will they serve a typical American Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet but guests will quote their price all of which will then be donated to a charitable foundation.  In the true spirit of Thanksgiving; this has to be one of the more unique and honest to goodness American Thanksgiving Dinners in all of NYC!!

A glimpse of the casual charm of Bubby’s interior: I always feel like a quick trip to Vermont whenever I go there!!

Bubby’s is famous for their most delicious pies: Warm maple pecan, apple cobble pie, among other favorites.    Also please note: Bubby’s is open 24 hrs except on Mondays when they close at 12AM!!   Its a wonderful retreat for a late night snack or a quick treat during nights of insomnia!!   Please visit!  I highly recommend it!!


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