You will not find a sign on the door nor a name written in the window of this “hidden secret” speak-easy restaurant right here in NYC!   I had the pleasure of dinning there yesterday evening on a Sunday with my dear friend Mary Murphy Assistant Chef Concierge Omni Berkshire NYC.    We had not been for quite some time but Employees Only is a place is use to frequent on late nights with all the Chefs from the famous restaurants since they actually serve dinner all the way until 4AM!!    I also have not seen for quite some time a dear friend from years ago: Igor Hadzismajlovic; one of the owners and conceptual designers of this Art-Deco speak easy.

Located at 510 Hudson Street; Employees only is open daily from 6PM-4AM.   Just north of Christopher Street on the East Side of the block; look for the dark curtained door with a tarot card reader just inside the entrance; then proceed through the heavily draped dark velvet curtain.  You will know that you are in the right place when you view the soft romantic Art-Deco interior with an incredible Bar and one of the most famous Mixologist’s in all of New York.

Our most wonderful server: Inga!  Much more than just a server; she is quite knowledgeable and really is quite a sommelier in her own right!   Inga allowed us to taste several wines and selected two of the best cocktails from their most famous and quite extensive list.

Just one photo to show you the simplicity yet quality of each dish.  The menu is short but sweet!   Simple roasted chicken with herbs and roasted potatoes.  Arugula Salad with shaved parmigiana, simple simple grilled Salmon, seared tuna, grilled loin lamb chops, etc. just to give you an idea of the delicious menu!

A simple but delicious dessert:  Roasted clove infused apples with fresh yogurt!

Two samplings of their incredible drink menu: Notice the lovely antique Polish stemware!

Dear friends and readers: I encourage you to visit Employees Only to experience another unique adventure within our City and this most romantic and lovely “hidden secret.”


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