The magnificent floral display awaits in the Lobby of The Four Seasons Prague.  Great service and care are paramount to the operations of any Luxury Hotel; no better example of this is found at The Four Seasons Prague.   I was fortunate enough to have been able to experience this first hand during a recent visit.   Yes the location is pristine and the best in Prague; overlooking the fairytale Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, yes the flowers are gorgeous, rooms and lobby are sumptuous but most importantly the service is kind and caring.   I was greeted immediately upon arrival at the airport by a very professional but kind and friendly driver who not only transported me to the hotel but began to create an experience before I even arrived at the Hotel.   The staff were already there and greeted and welcomed me by name; followed by a brief tour and personal escort my very lovely Renaissance Room.

Lovely, comfortable and spacious; The Renaissance rooms at the Four Seasons Prague combine modern conveniences with local traditional design and furnishings.   Notice the lovely chandelier!

Name useage and attention to detail are throughout therefore creating  a feeling of comfort and security.   After dinner I returned to my room and found this lovely little box on the desk next to my laptop; at first I thought it was a tiny box of chocolates but then when I opened the box I realized it was placed there to contain all of my loose change!  How thoughtful and caring and what a very nice surprise at the end of the day.  Later I was told that this little jewel box is actually the design of a local craftsman; again blending local tradition with modern day convenience.  Great innovation!

The lovely breakfast room which also overlooks the River and Prague Castle.  Mr. Isadore Sharp President and Founder of Four Seasons Hotels mentioned at a recent lecture: “I wanted to create a hotel that gives the customer what they truly want.”   The Breakfast at The Four Seasons Prague is exactly that: An abundance of every want and desire from Fat Free Yogurt to a local Czech Breakfast with pickles; you can order practically anything you wish and its available!

Petr Zezula is the Chef Concierge of the Four Seasons Prague; he has been there since the opening of the hotel 10 years ago.   Petr is also President of Les Clefs d’Or Czech Republic; representing the most professional and knowledgeable Hotel Concierge.   I walked briefly with Petr outside the hotel overlooking the River while he explained the history and design of the building and construction of the magnificent Hotel Four Seasons Prague.  The Hotel is actually a series of several buildings put together; again blending old world local tradition and style with new modern units.  The setting and views are magnificent!

Thank you to Petr and his staff for all of their kind care and service!


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