Continental#99 departed Newark Saturday afternoon on time; the winds and weather were in our favor therefore assuring that we could in fact take the optimum flight path: The Polar Route.  As mentioned this exciting route which actually traverses the snowcapped North Pole is not only an adventure in flight but sheds at least one hour off of the usual flight path.  After heading due North from NYC we flew over Montreal and then continued Northward over Northern Quebec, Hudson Bay and into the Canadian wilderness where we eventually crossed the Arctic Circle and proceeded directly over the curved northerly tip; up and over and then into Siberia.  Eventually heading southward into Northern China and then Beijing, central China and our approach to Hong Kong Island.  I believe we made record time approximately 14 hrs 40 minutes.  Although the Captain indicated severe turbulence on approach; I believe the clouds broke away and afforded classic Hong Kong “Love is a Many Splendoured Thing” views.  Yes from the old time classic Movie with Bill Holden; the scenery of the mountainous islands and tall peaks at sunset was spectacular.   This is city that one never tires; possessing many elements while affording culture, entertainment, food, shopping, and spectacular scenery.

You can see what I mean: after unpacking and getting settled; I immediately ran out to absorb this great view at night.  I am staying at the very lovely and comfortable Royal Garden Kowloon; just steps away from this magnificent view.  Its an August night in Hong Kong; hot and humid and everyone is outside walking along the extensive promenade with view of the City across the Bay!!

Stay tuned for more postings and stories as I also feature our upcoming Les Clefs d’Or Asian Congress which begins Tuesday!!



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  1. satsman says:

    I look forward Michael.. Enjoy your trip and give my regards to everyone..

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