Tomorrow on Saturday August 20th; I depart on Continental #99 from Newark to Hong Kong non stop!   This is truly one of my favorite flights in the world as it takes me to my all time favorite city in the world but fascinates along the way by traversing the globe via the polar route.  The 16 hour flight begins of course at Newark Liberty International Airport and then after take off proceeds due north over New England or New York State into Canada and then decides depending on wind velocity and weather to plug on ahead Northward or North North East.   The famed polar route which has been allowed since jumbo jet travel saves considerable time; as one forces time flying over the ice capped North Pole you then begin southward sometimes over Russia/Siberia then China and continuing south to Hong Kong.    It is somewhere over Canada that the decision is made whether to continue due North or North North East which then proceeds to Norway the tip of the Arctic Circle curving around and turn southward over Russia/Iran sometimes Thailand/Indochina and then into Hong Kong.

This long flight allows me to finally catch up on much needed sleep, relaxation, reading, day dreaming, watching movies, eating, listening to my favorite music and most of all; reaching my favorite destination in the world: HONG KONG!!

Please follow me on this upcoming journey as I travel around the world attending various Les Clefs d’Or Zone Meetings:  The first ever Asian Congress in Hong Kong where more than 150 of our Les Clefs members will gather from all member section countries within Asia.  Then continuing to our Central European Zone Meeting; first time in Moscow; here we will gather all of our Central and Eastern European member section countries.  I will then visit The Ukraine; Kiev and Odessa which has been progressively developing as a popular tourist destination; hence several new Hotel Concierge!! After a brief stopover in lovely Prague where I will also visit Les Clefs d’Or colleagues I will then finally return on the opposite side of the globe and back home to NYC!!

Looking forward to sharing photos and stories along the way!!


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