The very best way to explore the Island of Bermuda is to rent a motor scooter (no driver’s license is required); scooters are readily available everywhere and quite easy to operate.  Just be sure to wear a helmet and obey the 35 km speed limit and remember in Bermuda driving is on the left.    The tiny island just about the size of Manhattan is only 21 miles long; there are no major highways however winding narrow roads and lanes; quite picturesque.   Bermuda law prohibits car rentals as well as highly limiting the number of vehicles on the island due to size; for example non residents cannot own cars here and non Bermudians residing on the island must be sponsored.  There are however about 50,000 cars registered on the island.    Other popular and fun ways to get around the island is to take advantage of the frequent ferry system which connects the entire island and affords a great boat ride.   On Express Boats such as to and from Hamilton and Nelson’s Dockyard; you may even bring your bike or scooter along.    Taxis are plentiful and fairly reasonable and of course Horse and Carriages are available for a quick ride through Hamilton and environs.      For cycle rentals I like very much Eve’s Cycles and Elbow Beach cycles both located midway in the island and very convenient for exploring beautiful beaches and nature trails not to mention the meandering roadways and passageways of the island!!


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