The North Fork Inn and Table is one of my favorite restaurants in all of the Northeast!!  I am always happy when I come here and look forward to next visit.   The North Fork Inn and Table is conveniently located on Rte 25 in Southold.  It is about three quarters of the way from Riverhead to Greenport and very handy while visiting the many wineries which string this stretch of road spanning the North Fork.

Mike and Mary Mraz the proprietors are lovely friendly people who aim to please.   They think of everything from little amuse bouche to tiny treats delivered to the table post desert; this time homemade miniature mallowmars!!   The restaurant is actually an old house very New England looking from the outside with clean, simple, quality and comfy looking interior inside.  The Food reflects the same.  Mike is an expert at choosing the right balance of food and wine and organizing a well thought out yet again simple quality New American menu.   Mary Mraz was very well trained after years at Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan and has brought a certain style and theme similar to The North Fork Inn and Table.     Some of my favorite dishes include The Fluke Crudo, Roasted variety of Beets with local Chevre, House cured organic Salmon, Stripped Bass with wonderful farm fresh greens and Fresh Atlantic Swordfish with a lovely melange of olives, beans and chokes!!     The Wine list is a very nice balance of North Fork featured wines but then a mixed selection from the rest of the US and around the world.   All perfectly selected to compliment the simplistic quality of the food!    Again Mike and Mary have thought of everything:  A small little Menu Carte is on the table; inside a list of children’s favorites: Simple Pasta with butter and cheese, Pasta with Red Sauce, Chicken with Carrots.  Opposite page an assortment of festive colorful beverages.   Its all very sweet and again aiming to please the kids who happen to come to the Table!!

The desserts at North Fork Inn and Table are award winning; Claudia Flemming is the Pastry Chef and has received many accolades from year Gramercy Tavern days as well as the coveted James Beard Foundation Award.    There is no doubt as this evening I selected the Almond Torte with fresh figs, apricot sorbet and a yogurt sabayon!!   Perfect ending to a great meal!!

Since Lunch Trucks have suddenly popped up all over the East Coast and NYC: well even at North Fork Inn and Table.   Expert Chef Gerry Hayden has this lovely Truck parked out back each day serving lunch mid week!

The North Fork Inn and Table is open daily for dinner; Saturday and Sunday Lunch.   The Lunch Truck is open Weekdays for Lunch.   There is a lovely garden to sit outside for aperitifs.   There are by the way Four Guest Rooms upstairs; quite comfortable and go along with the simplistic American Theme of the Dinning Room downstairs.   If you visit overnight; a lovely cooked breakfast is served!!

Please visit the North Fork Inn and Table if you happen to be spending a winery day in the North Fork.  Its also a wonderful weekend getaway from NYC and is quite beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall!!    Again I cannot wait to return for another great meal!!!




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