Before departing Ravello on the Amalfi Coast; I wish to share some highlights as well as some features of its unique and most desirable location.  At the very far end of the town which protrudes all over a cliff; there is the most stunning view of the Amalfi Coast from the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone.  It is a bit of a hike and several stairs to reach the Villa Cimbrone; its isolation and beauty attracted several of fame and fortune including Greta Garbo who spent several months there in seclusion.   Other well known figures such as Hilary and Bill Clinton also stayed that is at the Hotel Villa Cimbrone which is located at the entrance of the Gardens.   Yes you will have to pay a fee to enter the Gardens if you are not staying at the hotel (5euros); well worth it to explore this most beautiful piece of land dotted with replicas of Roman Statues, Art, Historic Figures and various terraces of gardens displaying practically every variety of local flora and fauna.  I highly recommend the venture: To walk or hike there please proceed to the Piazza Duomo and begin the passegiata next to the Villa Rufolo; also very charming and interesting to visit but not as spectacular as the Villa Cimbrone.  All the passegiata you will pass several local shops selling all kinds of lemon decorated pottery and handicrafts; you will also pass several small cafes with outdoor terraces for a quick cafe, water, or gelato and also a great way to break up the long walk or hike.  As you meander your way up and down the passegiata; you will pass several historic buildings and small charming hotels: Villa Maria, Convent and Chiesa of San Francesco, and then you will come to a small hotel which is still in operation.  Its here that DH Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterly’s Lover!!   Soon after you will arrive at the entrance of the Villa Cimbrone and begin your journey through the vast gardens but do spend time at the Temple of Neptune and bask in the glory of the most incredible view of the Amalfi Coast!!

Stunning views of the Amalfi Coast from The Villa Cimbrone Gardens!!!

The courtyard of the most charming hotel in all of Ravello: The Parsifal.  Owned and operated by the three Mansi brothers: I have become friendly with Antonio Mansi who I have known over the years.  This will be your home away from home as your explore Ravello and the Amalfi Coast.  Formerly a 13th century convent; The Parsifal boasts stunning views from its terraces, courtyard and its fine charming restaurant serving local dishes.  The rooms are small; hence the cells of former Nuns but some have been completely renovated.  Most importantly you come here to feel at home and relaxed with this great family taking care of you and treating you as if you have been invited to their house.  The Parsifal named as the famous Opera by Wagner is where he actually received his inspiration to write the actual Opera.  I stumbled upon this hotel several years ago as I find it most convenient on my way to visit my family in the South; not to mention a point of peace and relaxation.  I will never forget the first time I stayed here; when I opened the door to my single room number 26 I was a bit disappointed about the size but then the doors opened to a balcony with the most incredible scenery and vistas of the terraced farming and the Amalfi Coastline!!

A group of ladies organized a watercolor painting and art week in Ravello and stay at The Hotel Parsifal.  Show above in the photo are the ladies who spend the afternoon painting from the courtyard terrace of The Parsifal; stunning views, still life sketches of lemons, flowers and the incredible beauty all around.

This is a family trip and this is our Group from left to right: Michael Romei, Catherine Simmonds (Friend of Family) my sister Teresa Romei Cusano and her husband Joseph Cusano.   Together we are on our way to explore all of Italy’s highlights, culture, food, wine, together with family adventures!!



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  1. Amalfi coast says:

    Great inspiring blog, and great pictures. 🙂

  2. baione says:

    Michael next time I want to tag along of course i will pay my way looks great!!!!!!Ada

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