My first morning in Hawaii; I was greeted by a magnificent sunrise over Diamond Head, the sound of birds, and surf, Hawaiian music in the background.  The view from my balcony oceanfront room is nothing less than spectacular for The Halekulani offers a pristine and idyllic position right at the curve where Waikiki wraps around the shore offering an unobstructed panoramic view of the classic Hawaii Postcard: Diamond Head.

After the extra long flight last night on the Continental#15; Non stop from Newark to Honolulu, almost 11 hours due to headwinds and severe storms in the midwest; I was welcomed back home in true Aloha style.  Name useage and recognition is the culture of the day at The Halekulani where the staff meet and greet and make you feel like a Royal.  Wonderful fresh fruits with orchids, deserts, champagne awaited my arrival in the room.

In the morning; room service breakfast was served outside on the balcony overlooking Diamond Head and the turquoise blue Pacific; complete with flower garnish and all served piping hot within minutes.   Then the doorbell rang and I was greeted by Estrelita the Housekeeper who said good morning and offered housekeeping service with such a gracious smile that I found it just as warm and inviting as the spectacular view outside.

Yes this is The Halekulani and truly a crown jewel in the Pacific living up to it’s name in Hawaiian which means: “House befitting Heaven.”


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