This is one of my favorite flights in the world: 4986 miles in about 10-11 hours depending on the winds, airspeed and required altitude.  The flight plan heads northwest and spans the continental United States flying over The Rockies and into California reaching somewhere between Santa Barbara or midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and then heads out across the Pacific bound for the Hawaiian Islands.

There is something about this flight that makes it one of my favorites; not really sure why?   Gone are the days when the flights to Hawaii once had flight attendants wearing colorful Hawaiian clothing and orchids would be placed on your tray when meals were served.   Yes gone are the days when Hawaiian aunties greeted you outside on the tarmac at Honolulu International Airport playing ukuleles and offering flowered leis.   But there is still something quite special about this flight that makes one happy and I think it’s just because of the final destination: The Aloha State of Hawaii!!

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